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Çalkarası is grown exclusively in the Çal District of Denizli. As a variety it is very suitable for producing high quality rosé wines due to its strong flavours present in the fruit. It is also well balanced with good acidity.

Grown in a single vineyard at an altitude of 850 meters, this is a 100% Çalkarası grape variety. Warm days and cool nights help to preserve the acidity of grape. The colour in the glass is very bold as the skin of the grape is kept in tact for 18 hours to extract maximum dark rosé colour and flavours.

The fermented process lasts for 15 days at 180C while keeping “sur lie” for 3 months and Bâtonnage undertaken twice a week to increase complexity of the wine.

Deep-salmon to the eye, this wine has a nose of strawberry and cherry. It is a nicely made rosé with flavours of strawberry, cranberry and honeysuckle and notes in the mouth of lingonberry with a refreshing finish. Its a real fun bottle to enjoy with friends.

2020 Paşaeli Calkarasi Rosé


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