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Large, oval, Yellowish-green, Bronze-tinted berries, Grows in large conical clusters with one or two shoulders.


Narince makes straw yellow coloured wines with floral notes, Lush and ample, with slightly lower acidity that the sauvignon blanc, it develops a creamy texture and a long finish with yellow fruit and citrus aromas on the nose. It has a yellow-green colour with sophisticated fruit flavor and full of personality.


FRUIT        : High
BODY         : Medium to high
TANNIN    : Low
ACIDITY    : Medium to high
ALCOHOL : 12.5 %

AROMAS : Orange, Quince, Basil, Acacia, Ripe Green Apples, White Pinapple, Walnut, Plumeria, Grapefruit, Lime, Floral, Fruit Blossom


Narince literally translate to English as “delicately” in Turkish. Mainly grown in Blacksea city of Tokat and along the Yeşilırmak river. Narince is one of the most important white wine varieties in Turkey. It has been widely planted for the table.


The green leaves of the Narince grape variety are mainly used to make “sarma” which is a very delicious traditional dish in the Turkish kitchen. Consumed as table grapes in the past it is now also used in wine making.


Narince is a white wine grape, grown mainly on sandy and gravelly soils at altitudes of 600m – 700m above sea level and produces dry and semi-dry wines.

2018 Sevilen Natıvus Narince

$30.25 Regular Price
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  • 100% Narince

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