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Our Story

   SO, WHO ARE WE?   

Founded in 2016, The Turkish Drop was put together by two childhood friends of 30 years who found the love for Turkish wine travelling through the wine regions of Turkey. It could have been the three bottles we finished or maybe just the love for wine that lead us to entertain the idea of  The Turkish Drop.

The concept is simple – Our aim was to introduce Australian wine lovers to the best of Turkish wine, thereafter The Turkish Drop was born.

We believe that a simple understanding of the grape varieties leads to a greater appreciation for the wines we drink. So we have tasked ourselves with the idea to educate and spread the word of the Turkish wine experience.

We are forever driven to bring more diverse wine tasting experiences to our customers with extraordinary verities available from the Anatolian regions. We hope our great selection of premium wines send you back to Anatolia when the lands were cultivated by the boundless civilisations calling it home.

With our partners in Turkey, our commitment is paramount in getting the wine to you in the most efficient, presentable and professional manner.

We are determined in getting the wines to you in the same state they left the vineyards of Turkey in the shortest practicable time.

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