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   Welcome to the Land of Dionysus,
to the Land of Wine. 

Turkey is situated between 30 degrees and 50 degrees latitude in the very heart of the ‘Grand Terrain’. This region played a pivotal role in the early history of Wine and is likely to have been one of the earliest wine-producing regions in the world.

Turkey is estimated to be home to between 600-1200 indigenous grape varieties, though less than 60 of these are grown commercially.

The Five major grape varieties are : Kalecik Karası (Kah-le-djic-car-ah-ser), Öküzgözü (Oh-cooz-goe-zue), Boğazkere (Bow-aahz-keh-reh), Emir (Eh-mere), Narince (Nah-rin-djeh).

With over 1.500,000 acres of vineyards, Turkey is the world’s fourth-leading producer of grapes for wine production.


Even with Turkey’s ancient winemaking history stretching back millennia, its only recently that Turkey’s wine industry has grown sufficiently to become recognised internationally.

As a result of great winemaking and international awards, and rightly so – We are pleased to be offering some of the best Turkish wine to Australian wine lovers.

Şerefe (She-re-fe) CHEERS

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