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Chilled Turkish white wine anyone...?

Over the last seventeen years, Seyit Karagözoglu has acquired new little vineyards in different parts of Turkey and played a big role in the revival of these lost varieties, earning international acclaim in the process.


GRAPE: 100% Yapıncak


ORIGIN : Tekirdağ / Şarköy/ Eastern Thrace

ALC: 12 % (low)


Yapıncak, pronounced as Yap-in-jack, is one of the rare varieties from Turkey. These grapes have very thin skin, and has a tough time during the growing season. The Turks tend to refer to it as kinali ( or henna, the dye produced for those temporary body art) because the grape are characterised with copper discolouration spots on the surface.

Yapıncak is mainly grown on the Gallipoli peninsula and is a native variety to Şarköy, Tekirdağ on the European side of Turkey.

Tekirdağ, in ancient times was referred to as Eastern Thrace, where vine growing was a major part of the culture. This wine from Seyit is from his single 45-years old vinyard overlooking the sea of Marmara in this very area. It lies at an altitude of 200 meters and in immaculate condition, its a true representation of a presevation, winemaking, and respect for it own native varieties.

This Yapıncak is fermented in stainless steel tanks and only 10% is barrel fermented in French oak, then aged on lees for 3 months. Pale golden, rich aroma , intense lemons and Clementines, quince and a crisp, dry finish to a remarkable rarity.

The nose is aromatic with rich notes of lemon, quince and linden. Lovely citrus on the palate, bright and crisp, and full in the mouth with a well balanced pleasant acidity and minerality. Very pleasant.

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