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The Sevilen family is driven for complete perfection in every bottle and a definite leader in representing Turkish Winemaking on the international arena. In saying so, this sevilen Cabernet Sauvignon is dubbed as being the new project from the Sevilen winemakers. It was the first project born out of the vineyard located just outside of the Aegean city limits of Denizli cultivated at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Hence the 900 series from Sevilen was born.


This Sevilen 900 Cab Sav owes its intense, yet elegant taste, complete with soft tannins, to the concentration of the grapes ripening for a relatively longer period due to the climatic conditions of higher elevations. These regions of Modern day Turkey were the first vinyards that winemaking was mastered and form part of the oldest wine regions of Turkey. This wine shows its soft tannins structure as it roles over your tongue, intense blueberry and BlackBerry flavours accompanied by a blend of smoke meat, caramel zweiback savors with a present vivid mineral trace. This bottle is an absolute pleasure to drink.


This red, is first matured for 14 months in French oak casks, and then 12 months in bottles, which offers a refined experience with a long lasting aromatic and silky taste. This bottle definitely made to be cellaring for the years. I personally have a 2013 for a special occasion.

You’ll definitely wish for more after the last drop of this unique tasting wine all the way from Anatolia. Nice!

2019 Sevilen 900 Cabernet Sauvginon

  • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

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