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The Sevilen family have grown grapes in the Aegean Regions of Modern day Turkey for over three generations. In 1942, after having discovered vineyards and winemaking in France, Mr. İsa Güner, a first-generation immigrant from Bulgaria, founded his own winery in Izmir, Turkey. Understanding that there was outstanding natural potential in Turkey for wine production, he purchased 4 hectares and started planting vineyards.

In 1958, Mr. Güner’s sons, Mr. Gökhan Güner and Mr. Coflkun Güner joined the business developing the property to 50 hectares. Nowadays the property, composed of 160 hectares of vineyard and a first class restaurant (Isabey), is managed by the third generation of the Güner family. An impressive estate that flys under the radar.

Sabri, Rasim, Murat, Enis and Cem represent the new team. They are assisted by experienced french consultant Mr. Florent Dumeau from the Bordeaux region.

Tasting Notes: This is an elegant cultivation of a single grape from a single vineyard in Izmir. A limited production from the Chardonnay grape, this well-known and well-loved white wine variety has come together in this sheik bottle capable of accommodating most palates and food pairing combinations. Dry, bright minerals delivering tropical fruit flavours on the palate.

2020 Sevilen Isabey Chardonnay

$29.59 Regular Price
$26.63Sale Price
  • 100% Chardonnay

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