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This premium quality chardonnay, is grown, crafted and bottled in and around the Vinyards of Izmir. While wine lovers may try to understand the vinyard locations of Turkey, appellations have not currently been established. So in saying that, the Sevilen family brand is definitely a wine of quality and excellence.

After the grapes ripen under the Aegean sun at the inviting Sevilentepe vineyard in Izmir, they then surrender themselves to the winemakers at Sevilen. 100% Chardonnay variety grown on Turkish soil, harvested, pressed, and fermented, the wine is then aged for a further 12 months on its lees in French oak casks and then bottled after a limited filtration process.

A full bodied Burgundy style wine with plenty of character, this wine possesses the complete richness and fullness of oak fermentation, wine lovers will not be disappointed of that buttery feel in the mouth.

I always enjoy a glass of Chardonnay, but this bottle is definitely special from Sevilen. Deep gold colour in the glass with light to medium primary tones of citrus, honeydew and yellow fruits with some oak on the nose. On the palate you get a full body at 13.5% abv, exhibiting high zesty levels of acidity that keeps the wine well balanced, cleaning the palate with every mouthfull. You definitely get the secondary flavours of an oaky vanilla with a buttery feel. It is a perfect accompaniment to shellfish, lobster, crayfish or fatty fishes, and highly recommend enjoying this wine with friends that make you laugh.



BODY - Full

ACIDITY - medium to high

ALCOHOL - High (13.5%)

OAK - There is some oak giving complexity

NOSE - vanilla, exotic fruits roasted hazelnuts, oaky, complex stone fruit, apricot acacia.

FRUITS - Apple Citrus Apricot

PALATE - Buttery and some hazelnut

CONCLUSION- love it!

2019 Sevilen Premium Chardonnay

  • Chardonnay

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