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This gorgeous indigenous grape variety from the Guney (Southern) Plateau located within the boundaries of the Denizli province in the Aegean Region. This area is the oldest region in Turkey where the highest number of segmented vine grapes are grown.

Plato is Sevilen's premium quality brand of high-segment wine which is produced from grapes from their very exclusively selected vineyards within the region where controlled and sustainable good agricultural practices are performed.

This gorgeous bottle showcases the indigenous KK grape is grown in the city of Denizli, Güney (south) using the Kalecik Karası grape aged for 8 months in French oak barrels.

This very pleasant pour introduces itself as Sevilen's “Iconic” dry red wine from Denizli. It has distinctive intense sherry notes, with a lovely smoky flavour, resinic and tremendously pleasant to the nose. To the palette, this Turkish single grape variety has an elegant tannin structure, rich red fruit essences with a superb finish.

2017 Sevilen Plato Syrah & Öküzgözü

  • 50% Syrah & 50% Öküzgözü

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