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Winemaker Florent Dumeau makes the most of the Turkish sunshine to find perfect sugar levels and allows this wine a lengthy six months on its fine lees to gain gorgeous richness of texture.


If you want to match with a dish, it's delicious with seafood. We suggest lobster, baked sea bream or it's perfect for partnering with any array of smoked salmon dishes, the pairing will surely tantalize your senses.


The seedless grape variety of Sultaniye is native to the Aegean regions of Turkey, mainly grown in Manisa and Denizli. Being a very sweet grape and having high levels of sugar, vineyards tended to make raisins or simply enjoyed them as table grapes.


More recently winemakers have discovered its potential as a wine grape. With high levels of fruit intensity, ripe citrus flavours with steely minerality and lively gooseberry fruit acidity shows its character through low levels of tannin and acidity in the mouth, it makes the sweet wine lover very happy.


Once on the nose, you get golden apples, pear, and hints of asparagus and fresh floral notes. This bottle will surely please with its ostentatious blend with a Sauvignon Blanc. Makes light, easy to drink fresh, fruity wines with floral undertones an absolute delightful everyday wine for any wine enthusiast.

2019 Sevilen Majestik Sauvignon Blanc & Sultaniye

$32.19 Regular Price
$28.97Sale Price
  • 55% Sauvignon Blanc and 45% Sultaniye

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