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Bottle 1 : Sevilen Majestik Grenache & Kalecik Karası Rosé

VARIETY: 50% Grenache & 50% Kalecik Karası
ORIGIN: West Anatolia, Sub-region Aegean city of İzmir
ALC: 12.5%

DESCRIPTION: This Majestik rosè created by the team at Sevilen winery is perfect for the sunny days in Turkey, but extra refreshing to taste here in Australia. This is a great Turkish Drop! (no pun intended). It’s made from the Grenache and Kalecik Karası grapes harvested in the western Anatolia region of Turkey, the 50-50 mixture giving it a rather appealing light salmon colour.

TASTING NOTES: A pleasant everyday treat, for every meal for any occasion. The nose is filled with aromas of roses, raspberries, red fruits such a strawberry, cherry and then some green apples, caramel and elderflower.

In the mouth, the medium and tangy acidity makes this sevilen majestic rosè crisp, smooth and interesting making it easy to match with chicken, seafood, light salad dishes and soft cheeses.

The third partner pair of the majestic red and majestic white, this rosé is an absolute stunning good buy. It has been awarded Silver medal during the 2015 International wines and spirits competition and 2006 AWC Vienna Wine awards, more than reassuring that you are tasting a winning wine, be sure to put this in the cart on your next order.

Bottle 2: Sevilen İsabey Bornova Misket

VINTAGE : 2016
ORIGIN : Aegean city of Izmir
OTHER REGIONS : Aegean city of Manisa

ALC: 13%


TASTING NOTES: Bornova Misket ( Muscat)  displays the expected characteristic flavours and aromas of a Muscat. This grape is grown in and around the Aegean city of Izmir and Manisa in Turkey.

Beautiful and Gold in the glass, Bornova Misket produces quite aromatic and presents intensely much like perfume. We find that wine to be lively, light, easy drinking and dry to lusciously sweet wine that purely explodes with flavours in the mouth.

The aroma of Bornova Muscat is reminiscent of honeysuckle , basil, roses, mint, honey, bergamot, lemon balm, orange flowers, daisies, grapefruit and melon. Very nicely balanced in flavour and sweetness that will linger long after the tasting.


Bottle 3: Sevilen İsabey Sauvignon Blanc

VINTAGE : 2019
ORIGIN : Aegean city of Izmir

ALC: 14%


TASTING NOTES: Produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc vines grown in the district of Menderes in the Izmir Province of Aegean Turkey.

Limited edition by quantity, this dry white wine amazes with herbaceous and asparagus aromas and freshness on the nose. The vivid acidity characteristics of this Sauvignon Blanc is highlighting with tropical fruit flavours on the palate.

A spectacular Turkish surprise on a south western French indigenous grape variety, grown on Turkish soil.

Sevilen Spring Pack 1

  • This Spring pack is perfect for any one ready to explore Turkish Whites. This Pack includes some beautifully crafted fresh , dry and textural white wines from Turkey’s most famous regions.

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